Mi olakšavamo živote deci oboleloj od raka i njihovim najbližima pružajući praktičnu, emotivnu i materijalnu podršku.
Mi smo nacionalno udruženje roditelja dece obolele od raka koje sačinjavaju roditelji, lekari, medicinsko osoblje i svi ljudi dobre volje.
  • National Association of Parents of Children with Cancer

    National Association of  Parents of Children with Cancer – Nacionalno Udruženje Roditelja Dece Obolele od Raka (NURDOR)  are a non-profit, non-governmental association established by parents, medical staff and volunteers in 2003 with the aim to help children suffering from cancer and their families facing this most merciless disease of today in order to make their difficult and uncertain struggle more bearable and humane. Over the last 15 years NURDOR has launched numerous projects, many of which have been implemented for the first time in our country and which have significantly contributed to improvement of the treatment of children's cancer in Serbia, bringing major changes  in lives of the little ones and their families.  We are especially proud to have helped spread concern for this sensitive population group, which gradually begins to resemble the one that exists in the EU countries. NURDOR is the only association of this kind in Serbia that deals with comprehensive psycho-social support for families and system solutions that enable the health care sector of pediatric oncology in our country to function better.

    The latest achievements and very important results of  NURDOR are:

    15.05.2018. NURDOR opened special oncology and hematology department unit within Children`s hospital In Nis (the city in the South of Serbia).

    8.06.2018. NURDOR opened a completely renovated department unit within Children`s hospital In Kragujevac (Central Serbia).

    24.07.2018. NURDOR opened two sterile rooms (for special care for children during medical treatment) on Institute for health protection of Children and Youth of Vojvodina in Novi Sad (the city in the North of Serbia).